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Flooring Preparation

EFlooring Preparation

Proper preparation helps the installation of your new floor go smoothly and efficiently.


Before installation, empty any closets (at least 4 inches up from the floor) receiving the new floor covering; remove all items from underneath beds, remove bed coverings, lamps, knickknacks, glassware from china cabinets, books from bookcases, all furniture and pictures/mirrors on the walls. In most cases, our installers can move your furniture for an additional fee. Disconnect all computers, stereos, TV’s , VCR and DVD equipment or any other electrical equipment. Inform the measurer and installer of all wires located under the carpet or along baseboards and door casings. Check for cable wire connections under existing floor covering (cable company may have to remove or disconnect).

Excess Furniture

Additional charges may apply to areas with excessive amounts of furniture (i.e., file cabinets, heavy equipment, storage boxes, wall units, sleep sofas, four-poster beds, armories, etc.). We do not remove antiques, grandfather clocks, gas stoves, refrigerators with front door dispensers, aquariums, waterbeds, heavy pool tables, pianos, safes, computers or electronic equipment. (Many of these items need to be professionally moved.) NOTE: Furniture moving may not be available in all areas. Please check with Absolute Hardwood for specific details.


If you have purchased a thicker floor or if a new subfloor is placed on top of an existing subfloor, you may need to arrange to have your doors trimmed to accommodate the new floor height level. Our installers do not trim doors.


If we are removing and replacing existing baseboards there is no guarantee against breakage. Paint or stain any new unfinished quarter-round or base molding at least 24 hours prior to installation. Molding should be completely dry and ready at start of installation.

Stone/Wood Variation

Natural stone always has variations in color and veining. These variations cannot be controlled. With some tile and stone grout lines may be irregular due to the shape of the product. Wood is also a natural product. Color and grain will vary from the sample. Wood will expand and contract based on humidity and moisture levels present in your home. Please take all necessary precautions to minimize humidity/moisture. Gap areas between boards may vary due to the nature of the product or existing site conditions.

Secured Premises

(Condominiums and Gated Communities) Please check with your building management for parking accessibility and delivery times for your installation (such as elevators, service entrances, front desk procedures, etc.).

Unforeseen Charges

Additional charges may apply to installations when the take up and removal of carpet or flooring are done. Water damage, urine-soaked carpets, floors with structural damage, unsecured floors, and asbestos floors are not always detected until the installation process has begun. If you are aware of any of these conditions, please advise the measurer and installer. Our installers do not offer removal of asbestos floors. This service must be performed by a certified/licensed individual. Our installers cannot guarantee elimination of movement of the subfloor (i.e. squeaks).

Adequate Power

Make sure that adequate power, light, water, ventilation and heat or air- conditioning will be available 24 hours before, and during, the installation. (This could be a concern on new home construction or an unoccupied structure.)

Removal of Existing Floor

In some instances, additional charges may apply with regard to removal of existing floorings due to unforseen installation methods which were not detectable at time of estimate. If you have elected not to have the installers remove your carpet or flooring, you must have this done before installation.

Touch Up

Expect minor touch up painting to be needed after installation. Normal installation methods will likely scuff existing baseboards or walls. Our installers will use extreme care to minimize the issue.

Clean Up

The installers will make a post-installation inspection with you to guarantee your complete satisfaction. After the installation, they will pick up all scrap materials and sweep the work areas however, final clean-up of your home (dusting, washing floors/walls) remains your responsibility. Partial boxes of flooring will be placed on your premises, where you request.

Adult Supervision

An adult over 18 years old with the authority to make decisions must be present at the time of installation. This person should perform a walk through after the installation has been completed and express any concerns at that time to the installer.


We sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for your purchases. This information sheet is to prevent surprises that cause unhappy customers. Within a short period of time after your installation, an Absolute Hardwood representative will call to confirm that you are pleased with your new floor covering.